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  Incorporating Rubbertech & Exipro (Swaziland)


Exipro Products Overview


Exipro Wholesale runs a comprehensive wholesale distribution of plumbing and hardware lines in Swaziland.

Exipro Manufacturing is the brass processing factory with ±2300m2 of floor space and 120 employees, with most products being sold in South African under various customer brands. The primary focus remains on plumbers’ sanitary brassware even though recent years have seen more development in non-sanitary ware products.

Exipro has a complete brass processing plant with a variety of processes and skills gained over the 20 years of its existence. It produces a range of products that comply with SABS standards and prides itself on working with select customers to provide specific products to meet each customer’s requirements. The company also provides completed and assembled products, as well as parts, to other factories.

The factory is a self contained operation with facilities to cast /forge/ machine/ polish /chrome plate and assemble. Exipro has the following production capacities:

• Gravity die casting
• Sand core production
• Varity of forging capacity
• Machining in many styles from CNC to multi-spindle to rotary transfer to many special purpose machines
• Grinding and polishing operations
• Chrome plating
• Assembly
• Full equipped tool room
• Metal analysis and other quality control equipment
• Cad/cam drawing/programming

The company has recently added more forging capacity and machining capacity for the composite pipe market.

Exipro’s objectives have changed from being a producer of its own brands to focusing on manufacturing for its customers under their brands, with manufacturing agreements in place to protect both parties. This has worked well as Exipro concentrates on product development and customers on their marketing.

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