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  Incorporating Rubbertech & Exipro (Swaziland)


Rubbertech Products Overview


Our rubber products are manufactured from EPDM rubber which is accepted world-wide as the most suitable material for the production of waste traps despite being more expensive than other options.

EPDM Rubber has the following benefits:

  • It is very stable through a wide range of temperatures -40C to 120C.

  • Its properties remain the same throughout its life expectancy which is in most cases longer than required.

  • It is resistant to bacterial attack.

  • It is an environmentally accepted material of choice in first world countries.

  • It facilitates production of a trap with a good surface finish.

  • Its flexibility allows adjustment when being positioned  - especially when installing in awkward places.

EPDM Rubber has been refined over 20 years to optimise production results by various rubber chemists and engineers. We will not compromise our belief that it is the most suitable material to provide you with a long lasting quality product.

The material, together with our strict production control, results in fewer product defects thus reducing frustration for the plumber.


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