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  Incorporating Rubbertech & Exipro (Swaziland)

Rubber Products


Plumbing WasteTraps

  P Traps   S Traps   Mini P Traps  
  Sizes available:   Sizes available:   Sizes available:  
  32x32 Plain P Trap   32x32 Plain S Trap   32x32 Plain Mini P Trap  
  32x32 Reseal P Trap   32x32 Reseal S Trap   32x32 Reseal Mini P Trap  
  32x40 Plain P Trap   32x40 Plain S Trap   32x40 Plain Mini P Trap  
  32x40 Reseal P Trap   32x40 Reseal S Trap   32x40 Reseal Mini P Trap  
  40x40 Plain P Trap   40x40 Plain S Trap   40x40 Plain Mini P Trap  
  40x40 Reseal P Trap   40x40 Reseal S Trap   40x40 Reseal Mini P Trap  
  Bath Traps  

Drain Elbows

  600mm Elbow   300mm Elbow  


  Wash Trough Combo 300mm & 600mm   T Piece  
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